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Our Executive Chairman, Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi, speaks to Tumisang Ndlova on her podcast Power Business.

Timing Problems

Have you made a profit but the actual funds in your bank account suggests otherwise? Your cash flow could have a Timing problem.
Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi answers this frequently asked question and provides a solution to ensure that your profit expectations match the reality of your bank balance. Does your business have a Timing problem? Contact us we're here to help you get on track.

Denga’s SABC News Interview

Denga Ramuedzisi is a registered Business Rescue Practitioner and member of the SAICA CA(SA) Business Rescue Interest Group. On an interview on SABC News, Denga spoke about what it means for a business to be under financial distress and how that may mean that you should consider Business Rescue. Watch the full interview here. If you require any assistance with Business Rescue, email info@ramuedzisi.co.za or head to contact us and fill out the form.

Rate of Transformation

Our Executive Chairman, Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi featured as part of the ABASA Trainee Forum discussion on addressing the challenges that black trainee accountants are facing.
In this clip, Tumeka talks about the APC (Assessment of Professional Competence), the role of SAICA CA(SA) accredited training firms and the rate of transformation within the accounting industry.

Impact of Covid19 on Business Rescue Practice

Our Audit and Assurance Director, Denga Ramuedzisi, was part of an expert panel at the South Africa in Economic Turmoil webinar hosted by Chartall Business College in April 2020.
If you require any assistance with Business Rescue, email info@ramuedzisi.co.za or head to contact us and fill out the form.

CA Success Stories

SAICA (The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) profiled our very own Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi. Watch her video on how she brings what she has to offer to any table she sits at. Watch Story

Six Small and Medium Practice Firms

"RAS offer their clients a full financial management function at a fraction of the cost of a full-time FM/CFO with the benefit of having access to a wide range of expertise from investment banking, capital raising, audit experience & internal controls."

South African SMMECovid-19 Relief Fund Options

As a business that also operates in the SMME space, Ramuedzisi understands and empathizes with those businesses that are experiencing the trying times due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant measures put in place by regulators. There is the need to secure funding to not only survive through this lockdown period and beyond, but also to ensure you keep as many people employed as possible.

The work of a business rescue practitioner in South Africa

"The first thing you do as a Business Rescue Practitioner is for you to get an understanding of what is going on in the business. You have to know how the company makes money and where the company spends money, who it owes and what it owes. Basically, the fundamental is that you are trying to reorganize that to basically say how I can make sure that what the company is generating, it is able to pay its debt and support the operations going forward.""

Glamour Magazine

Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi, a business executive and co-owner of Ramuedzisi Chartered Accountants and Auditors breaks down some of the biggest headlines dominating the financial sector and how they impact your life.